You can use below tips and trick in visual studio to enhance the speed of coding and development.

(1) Matching brace/comment/region/quote

“Ctrl+]” can be used to the match brace, region, quote. It can also be used to the match comment, region or quote depending on where is the cursor now.

(2) Create Property By Shortcut

Creating Properties are very common to get and/or set values. For writing Property, you do not need to write it completely. just type PROP and then press TAB key twice.

(3) Vertical block selection.

Select Alt key and then select the area you want with your mouse.

(4) Auto Complete
Using IntelliSense in Visual Studio you can complete method, variable, class, object, property etc. by just writing its initial. Use Ctrl + Space or Alt + Right Arrow.

(5) Bookmark

Using Bookmark you can navigate to code in visual studio.

Create/Remove Bookmark – Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K

Move to next bookmark – Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N

Move to previous bookmark – Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P

Clear all bookmarks – Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L


(6) Build and Debug

Build – Ctrl+Shift+B

Run – Ctrl+F5

Debug – F5

Cycle through build errors – F8

(7) Move Code Up or Down

If you want to move a line up then just keep the cursor on that line and press “Alt + Up Arrow key” similar to this if you want to move the line down then just keep the cursor on that line and press “Alt + Down Arrow key”.
(8) Comment Code block

Comments are used for documentation purpose or temporarily disable the code. You can comment block of code by selecting that portion and then press Ctrl-K + C. To uncomment code select code block and press Ctrl-K + U.

(9) Switch between Currently open tabs.

You can open lastly visited tab in visual studio by pressing Ctrl + Tab and for opposite direction Ctrl + Shift + Tab

So, these are some commonly used shortcuts which will save your time.

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