Sealed Class in C#

In this post,we will learn about Sealed Class in C# with an example.I will also review why programming expert use sealed classes in their code and products.


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Now in this post, I will explain about Sealed Class in C# with appropriate example.

Sealed classes are used to limit(restrict) the inheritance feature of oop.If class is defined as a sealed class, the class cannot be inherited. 

In C#, the sealed modifier or keyword is used to define a class as sealed. In Visual Basic .NET the NotInheritable keyword serves the purpose of sealed. If a class is derived from a sealed class then the compiler throws an error and mark it as invalid.

Now create Console Application in Visual Studio and write below lines of code in it.

using System;
using System.Collections;

namespace ConsoleDemo
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            SealedClass sealedCls = new SealedClass();

            int total = sealedCls.AddNumber(7, 3);

            Console.WriteLine("Sum = " + total.ToString());
    sealed class SealedClass
        public int AddNumber(int x, int y)
            return x + y;

Why Sealed Classes?

The basic intesnsion of a sealed class is to take away the inheritance feature from the user so they cannot derive a class from a sealed class. One of the best usage of sealed classes is when you have a class with static members.


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