Programming principles have helped me over the years in becoming a better programmer and developer, and I also believe, this article will help every developer become more efficient and able to produce code which is easier to maintain. By following these coding and programming principles, you can save development and maintenance time, and conquer lots of other congestion which may arise in later development phases.

Programming principles


What are Programming principles?

Programming is the complete process, which involves various stages such as coding, testing, debugging and maintaining a system.Programming principles assist you to write good quality of code and maintain a good coding practice.

Why should a developer follow it?

Actually, writing programs is mostly a matter of personal taste but there are certain rules or guidelines that should be followed within your style of code in order to make programs easy to maintain and understand by both, you and others(your team), and also principles guide the creation of Optimized, scalable, easy to maintain, and robust code.

What are the benefits if developer follows Programming principles?


All developers which are in a team of project able to understand the code.


In the Software world, changes are needed on time to time, If we have followed rule properly then it will become very easy to implement new changes in software.


It becomes easy to maintain by the development team and the production support team too because the application is loosely coupled.


Make a whole program into small reusable pieces: functions, modules, libraries,union, structures.


– You should write a program that is self-explanatory.
– Use Comment wherever required, It makes documentation easy.
– You should write a code which should be easy to maintain among your team.

Apart from this properly written program would also be easy to debug.
These principles will help you and others in the team to write or deliver good, clean, and high-quality code.

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I hope you get an idea about Programming principles.
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