Introduction to JavaScript

In this post, we will learn about Introduction to JavaScript with an example.

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Now in this post, I will explain about JavaScript. JavaScript is a very useful and powerful client-side scripting language. JavaScript is basically for improving the interaction of a user with the webpage. In other words, you can make your webpage more lively and interactive, with addition of JavaScript.

Now a day, JavaScript is also heavily used in game development and Mobile application development.

There are many programmers who believe that JavaScript and Java are the same.But the fact is, JavaScript and Java are different. Java is a very complex programming language whereas JavaScript is only a scripting language.

Javascript cannot run on its own. The web browser is used for running JavaScript code. JavaScript runs on every operating system including Windows, Linux or Mac.

Tools You Need

To get started with Javascript, you need a text editor to write your code and a browser to display the web pages you make. You can use text editor which you like including Notepad++, Komodo Edit or any other text editor you are comfortable with.

A Simple JavaScript Code

You should place all your JavaScript code within <script> tags (<script> and </script>) if you are keeping your JavaScript code within the HTML document itself. It helps web browser distinguish between JavaScript code from the rest of the code.


        <title>Introduction to JavaScript!!!</title>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            alert("Hello World");

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I hope you get an idea about JavaScript .
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