Introduction: ASP.NET Core

In this post, we will learn about basics of ASP.NET Core.


In my previous posts I have explained various topics like  C# static constructorNullables in C# Collections in C#,SortedSet in C#.Net,Stack in C#,Queue in C#.Net,LinkedList in C#.Net.

Now in this post, I will explain about ASP.NET Core.The ASP.NET Core is the new and latest web framework from Microsoft.ASP.NET Core has been modified from the ground up to be fast, flexible, modern, and work across different platforms.

What is ASP.NET Core

It is an open source and cloud-optimized web framework for the development of new modern web applications that can be developed and run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and the Mac.It also includes the MVC framework, which now combines the features and benifit of MVC and Web API into a single web programming framework.




ASP.NET Core offer following benefits.

  • It posses several of architectural changes that result in a much easier and modular framework.
  • It does not rely on System.Web.dll. It is based on a set of granular and well factored NuGet packages that provide some code for some basic to advance level of task.
  • This allows you to optimize your app to include just the NuGet packages you need which makes development faster.
  • It also offer benefits of a smaller app surface area include tighter security, reduced servicing, improved performance, and decreased costs and some other benefits.
  • It also supports true side-by-side app versioning.
  • Single new web stack for Web UI and Web APIs.
  • In-built support for dependency injection.


I hope you got an idea about ASP.NET Core.
I hope after reading this article you will be able to do this.
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