Introduction: AJAX Basics

In this post, we will learn about AJAX Basics in web technology.

AJAX Basics

AJAX Basics



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Now in this post, I will explain about AJAX Basics. AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML..
Which implies performing the operation at the same time.

Why do we need AJAX?

In traditional systems (before AJAX) a user interacts with the client browser to get some details from a website. The user perform some clicks on some button to get some details and sits back until the page loads with the requested information. In the meantime a user has to sit waiting til the page loads completely and he get desired result.

The problem with the above situation is,

  • It is time taking process.
  • Complete page refresh was not needed as the user only wants a some limited information
  • Until the page is loaded fully, the user can not do any operation on the web page.
  • This will make annoying when the page size is large and the user wants only a small bit of information from it.

Advantage of AJAX

With using AJAX concept, a client makes an asynchronous request to the server, means the client sent a request to the server in parallel to the current operations performed by the user into the web page. An asynchronous call was made which will fetch data from the web server and update the web page once it completely arrives in the broeser. In the meantime, the user can perform any task on the web page rather than wait for the whole page to get refreshed.So It make web application much lighter and reduce time to load a page.


I hope you got an idea about AJAX Basics.
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